Yvonne Plaza Chua Cctv Footage: Check Who Is Yvonne Chua Plaza’s Husband, Also Explore Full Details On Her Video

Latest News Yvonne Plaza Chua Cctv Footage

This post about Yvonne Plaza Chua Cctv Footage shows the viral incident about Yvonne’s death and her personal life.

On December 28, 2022, a disturbing incident occurred in Mindanao, in which a woman decided to name Yvonne Plaza Co was fatally shot outside of her home.

What became of her? Who murdered her? What exactly was the reason for her death? People living in the Philippines were indeed looking for the Monica Plaza video in order to learn more about the incident. Continue reading to learn more about Monica Plaza Chua Cctv Footage.

What happened to Yvonne Plaza Chua?

A video has gone viral in which an girl called Monica Plaza C catalysts can be seen on a CCTV camera installed in the vicinity of her Davao City home. Two men arrive on a bike, as seen in the video. Unfortunately, due to of helmets and the angle, the two’s faces cannot be seen clearly. One of two bikers ended up driving the motorcycle, while the other fired a gun at Yvonne Chua, killing her on the spot.

Yvonne Chua Plaza Video – why did they kill her?

Since she was found dead on the ground, its news has been all over the internet, and people have been curious as to why she was killed. The security services do not reveal lot about the case, however according to the police department’s spokesman, her death may have been motivated by a personal rivalry. However, they are unsure of the reason. According to reports, the investigation is ongoing, and the culprit will be discovered soon.

Yvonne Plaza Chua Cctv Footage – Biography:

Full Name Yvonne Chua Plaza
Nick Name Unknown
Age 38
Date Of Birth 1984
Birth Place Philippines
Profession Model, Influencer
Death Date 28 December 2022
Cause Of Death Gun Shot
Nationality Filipino
Net Worth $1 Million
Religion Christianity
Husband Unknown

Additional information:

She had been 38 years old at the time of hannah death. According to sources, both bikers burned Yvonne’s personal documents, including her Identification card, bank card, and phone. She was also discovered to be living in a rented apartment far from her family.

Yvonne Plaza Chua Dad documentation is not accessible on the internet because she was private about her private affairs, so we do not know concerning her love life. However, it has been reported she will be single until death, but this has not been confirmed as she has never confirmed. To learn about the case, click on the link with in twitter and facebook links section.

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Some final words about the post Yvonne Plaza chua were shot dead by two unknown persons wearing helmets on the bike. To learn more information about Yvonne Plaza chua, you can click on this link 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a profession of Yvonne?

She is a model and influencer.

2.What is nationality of Yvonne?

She is a Pilipino.

3.What is their family background of Yvonne?

She is quite reserved about her personal life, so it was not disclosed about her family and love life.

4.Where did she shoot dead?

It was found that the shooters shot her in front of her rental home in the Philippines.

5.What is the cause of her death?

She was shot by gun.

6.What is in the viral Yvonne Chua Plaza Scandal?

In the video, it is seen that Yvonne was shot dead by the shooters.

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